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Long Lost Family

Posted: 2034 days ago

It's been a few weeks since "The High Chaparral" Reunion in Tucson. This was only my second time attending--thanks to Penny McQueen for asking me to participate. She and the ladies keep you running and involved, which is so much better than sitting in a hotel waiting for the next 'event.' This 5th (sic) Annual get-together was well-attended by a lot of true aficianados of 'Chaparral,' intelligent people and kind to all of us that helped make ''Chaparral.' The knowledge of the attendees is amazing and their recall of moments and scenes from 4 years of the series is truly remarkable.

Everyone treated me as a long lost family member and genuinely cared about what I had to say. I was thanked constantly for being there and the attention made me humble!! Without 'fans' nobody in Hollywood has a career and being part of 'The High Chaparral' Reunion makes us 'survivors' know that we did something worthwhile that stands the test of time 40 years later. To everybody involved, thanks for finding me and including me as part of your tribute to 'High Chaparral.'

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