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Tucson, Arizona

From the High Chaparral Family to Yours

Posted: 2033 days ago

The High Chaparral Reunion in 2016 and in all the years previous is one of the best events of this kind that you can attend. It is really a four day celebration of the High Chaparral and a celebration of all the great television shows we grew up with. Penny McQueen has done a magnificent job of bringing together members of the television family and other stars from many of those great television shows that we have treasured as a part of our growing-up.

This is not simply an event where you stand in line to have photo signed; (although you can do that too, as many times as you wish), it is four days of sitting with your favorite stars and actually speaking with them one on one. They are all so giving. Sharing stories from the High Chaparral and/or many of the shows we have loved. Not only can you meet the stars you meet the Producers, casting director, stunt men and women, and actors/actresses from many of the other shows from that wonderful time.

After this four day event you will not only have been able to meet these wonderful folks who are so kind to give of themselves you have had dinner with them, rode horses with them, joked with them, heard stories of their families, what their likes and dislikes are, how they spend their time and you will have shared the stories of these same subjects with them. You will Have Become
a member of the High Chaparral Family. This is truly a gift that Penny brings to us all that we never would of imagined watching this show and all the others as young ones growing up.

Please sign up for 2017 early it Will fill up fast. See you there.

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