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2016 High Chaparral reunion

Posted: 2198 days ago

This was my first High Chaparral reunion and what an excellent reunion it was. It sent me back 46 years as I worked on this series in the Electrical Department doing all the lighting. I met all the stars and crew and was so impressed. This was by far one of the best television series ever produced. Penny McQueen has revived and put together an excellent reunion of all this talent and made it possible for all to be a part of it at Old Tucson where it all happened. There is so much to see and be a part of. The Hi-light of the event for me talking to Kent McCray and meeting the stars and local talent that I have not seen in 46 years. I cannot wait for the next reunion in 2017. For those who like to be where it al took place, this is by far an excellent event to be a part of an excellent series. Hope to see you all there in 2017.

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